Dance Skate Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance on roller skates? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! We will be hosting two Dance Skate Workshops lead by Morgan Weske. She was born and raised in Chattanooga, but now hosts Dance Skate Workshops all over the world! There will be 2 workshops to choose from:

  • Beginners Workshop (4pm) - Focused for skaters who already know how to skate forward and stop safely, but now looking into learning dance moves on skates.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Workshop (5pm) - For skaters who already know some dance moves, but wanting to advance their skills and learn more footwork. 

You won't regret this amazing time spent with Morgan! You'll even be able to show off your new moves to your friends!


Click the button below to reserve a spot in one of the workshops. After clicking the link, choose September 10th where you will see a ticket section for Dance Skate Workshops. In there you'll be able to book either the Beginner Workshop or the Intermediate/Advanced Workshop. We can't wait to skate with you!!

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